Two Boys, One Cabin – Chapter Preview

Hello, Readers! I’m chugging along on my NaNoWriMo adventure. I’m not quite on track (yay real life and Crows Don’t Sing edits!), but am getting close to it. I have a TWO BOYS, ONE CABIN chapter preview for you!

About the Book:

When Alex agreed to spend spring break camping with his best friend from college, he expected Emily to actually go with him. Stuck in her dorm with the flu, Emily convinces Alex to go enjoy the outdoors and finish working on his master’s degree thesis. Alex has never been much for the great outdoors, but some peace and quiet away from a bustling college campus is too tempting to pass up. Loaded down with hastily bought camping supplies and enough bug spray to fumigate an apartment complex, Alex heads off into adventure.

But, Emily forgot to mention one minor detail: her brother, Ryan. Now Alex is stuck inside a tiny cabin in the middle of nowhere, with no cell service, no heat and a distractingly handsome man who is completely off-limits. As his thesis goes nowhere, Alex may go insane from attempting to act as hetero as possible around Ryan, if the mosquitoes don’t eat him alive first.

Chapter Preview

Eyes full of sleep and feeling groggy, it takes me a moment to figure out I’m not in my dorm room back in Harrison House. The crocheted blanket may be fugly, but it’s soft and warm, and I’m reluctant to pull it down from over my face. The curtains had done a poor job at blocking even the forest-muted sunlight, so I’d used the blanket as a makeshift sleeping mask. After carting in my supplies, countless trips’ worth, I had set my books down on the table and flopped down on the couch. I’d had every intention of getting back up, finding the shower and washing away the road trip smell. Apparently, I didn’t.

The lamp near my head is still on, but I think it’s darker outside. The lamp feels brighter, as if it’s fighting harder against the shadows looming in through the windows. It’s gotten a bit colder, too, with the darkness. And quieter, if that’s possible. Except

Is that someone breathing?

Did I lock the front door?

What do bears sound like when they’re breathing?

Oh, now you’re just being stupid.

And why do I get the feeling I’m being watched?

A cold chill races up the back of my neck. With growing trepidation as my imagination runs wild, I tug the blanket down a bit so that one of the crocheted holes lines up with my eye. There is… There is something standing at the end of the couch. I blink against shadows playing tricks on my eyes, but the big looming figure remains. There is something standing at the end of the couch!

“Holy shit!” Yelping, I leap to my feet. Or, at least I attempt to. My legs get tangled in the blanket and I end up on my ass next to the coffee table. Lamely, I hold the blanket up as a shield.

“Who are you?” the shadow asks and takes a step closer.

So, not a bear. I can at least reason with the man, then. Unless it’s an unreasonable psycho-killer.

“A-a-alex. Alex Kingsley. I’m friends with Emily Sutton. Her family owns this cabin.”

“Is that so?” The man has his arms crossed, grey flannel shirt over a black t-shirt on top of blue jeans. I have no idea how old he is or what he looks like, because I’m too much of a coward to meet his eyes. He didn’t leave his boots by the door though. I can see those giant mud stompers just fine.

With a gulp, I manage an unconfident “yes?” Because it sounds so much better as a question, Alex…

“Where is she, then?” Tall, Dark and Brooding asks.

“She’s back on campus.” Inhale. Exhale. “We were going to come together, but she’s sick with some sort of vomit-inducing super bug. She gave me the key, the one with the fish for a keychain, along with a crazy set of directions and a command to work on my thesis. You don’t really tell Emily ‘no’, you see, so I-”

“No shit,” the man says, followed by a small laugh. “So, you’re Kingsley?”

My thoughts stutter to a stop. “Y-yes?” I don’t know, am I?… “Yes. I’m Alex. You’ve heard of me?”

And that’s about the time I get enough courage, and stupidity, to look up at his face and oh. My. God.

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I can’t wait to share Ryan & Alex with you all!

In other news, CROWS DON’T SING will be released on Patreon next week, and will be available at online retailers on Dec. 5th!

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