Two Boys, One Cabin – A NaNoWriMo Adventure

NaNoWriMo is here!! Every November, scores of writers challenge themselves to write a 50k word novel in one month. This year, I am taking up the challenge. I have chosen to write a M/M Romantic Comedy that has been in my ‘ideas’ folder for a couple years.

I will be releasing excerpts here, and full chapters to my Patreon supporters. Patreon supporters will receive the book free when it’s done. For now, here is the cover and the blurb. If you are participating in NaNoWriMo this month, I’d love to add you as a writing buddy!

When Alex agreed to spend spring break camping with his best friend from college, he expected Emily to actually go with him. Stuck in her dorm with the flu, Emily convinces Alex to go enjoy the outdoors and finish working on his master’s degree thesis. Alex has never been much for the great outdoors, but some peace and quiet away from a bustling college campus is too tempting to pass up. Loaded down with hastily bought camping supplies and enough bug spray to fumigate an apartment complex, Alex heads off into adventure.

But, Emily forgot to mention one minor detail: her brother, Ryan. Now Alex is stuck inside a tiny cabin in the middle of nowhere, with no cell service, no heat and a distractingly handsome man who is completely off-limits. As his thesis goes nowhere, Alex may go insane from attempting to act as hetero as possible around Ryan, if the mosquitoes don’t eat him alive first.

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