The Death of a Series

Hello Readers! It’s time for another round of great posts from Science Fiction Romance Brigade authors. This month, I’m discussing a topic that can be hard for some, authors and readers alike. When do you decide to call it quits on a book series?

For me as an author, deciding to end a series is hard. I tend to only write in series, and I always seem to have ‘one more book’ in my head after I’ve finished writing the last one. For my space opera romance series, the Corwint Central Agent Files, I don’t see it ever ending. For Celestial Seasons, I decided to end the series after the fourth book, but I have a fifth book partially written in my head.

Then there’s my latest venture in sci-fi romance, Not In Kansas Anymore. When I wrote it, I launched it as the first book in a series, The Artecht Alliance. Last week, I realized I just didn’t have a second book in me anytime soon. I changed the covers and updated the book listings. Not In Kansas Anymore is now a stand-alone book, set in a universe which I may or may not add to in the future.

Writing books in a series can lead to writer’s fatigue. You can get boxed into having to write that next book, when in your head you have ideas for new universes. And sometimes, like with Not In Kansas Anymore, you need to know when to step back and cut ties, even if this may disappoint some readers.

What about reading a series? Do you, as readers, prefer the standard trilogy concept? How many books in a series is too many? As I make plans to write my 12th book set in the Corwint universe, I have to wonder if I’m wearing my readers out, or if I’m not writing them fast enough…

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2 thoughts on “The Death of a Series

  1. DeeAnna


    hahaha but seriously i will never get tired of Corwint Central Agent files. you could write 400 books on that series and i would never stop buying them.

    I love the large cast of characters, and their unique personalities and backgrounds. I enjoy your other books as well but there will always be this special place in my heart for the Corwint universe. it is by far one of y favorite series ever read, which says a lot considering i am an avid reader.

    1. admin Post author

      Lol. Sorry I’m not faster with them, but I’m glad you enjoy the series. It is close to my heart, too. I hope to keep writing new stories for the Corwint universe until my fingers fall off. Cheers, and thanks for stopping by the blog!


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