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A long, long time ago
in a galaxy far, far away…

…I began a journey with my space opera romance series, the Corwint Central Agent Files. After releasing 4 full length novels and six novella side-stories in two years, my muse decided to take a break from the Corwint Universe. It’s now been two years since I released book 4: Breathe Into Existence; two years too long. I’m so grateful to my readers who have asked me when the next book would be released and who offered words of encouragement when I could offer only uncertainty in return.

Truth be told, there was a brief time when I decided to not continue with the series. I’m not 100% happy with the earlier books, how they were written (as my debut works), and I certainly would have written them differently if I were to write them today. But, despite myself, the artist, being dissatisfied with them, I continue to receive encouraging reviews and feedback, as well as requests for Book 5. I’ve realized that I am, and will forever be, my toughest critic; that I can’t change what was and should focus on where I’d like to go. It’s been exactly two years to the day when Breathe Into Existence made its debut, and I’m ready to do as the Vesparians do and keep moving forward.

Book 5: Promise the Stars is coming.


About Promise the Stars:

After watching Ethan, Torque, Hank and Merik all flounder when it came to love, Brom made himself a promise: Whenever he found the girl who totally turned his universe upside down, he would go after her with everything he had. Then, he met Nikkandri, who flipped his entire world sideways so hard, he wasn’t sure which way led forward. Keeping his own promises about not stumbling through love may have been easier said than done.

Nikki’s been to the deepest pit of darkness and lived to tell about it. Now, a promise to her father brings her back to where it all began: Thetos – where a buried secret awaits her return. Despite her independent, defensive nature, she lets Brom into her world and under her skin bit by bit. With her Trexen biology clawing its way into fruition, including unwanted side-effects like mind-reading and a deadly temper, she must fight with herself as she battles memories of her father and shadows from her past. The more she reveals to Brom, the faster she expects him to leave. She quickly learns Orellians don’t give up so easily, and Brom’s as stubborn as Orellians come.

But someone’s been waiting for Nikki’s return and the secret she guards. Its discovery could set the foundations for peace across the sector, or it could renew the call for war. In the wrong hands, even the best intentions can lead to catastrophe.


Well, that certainly could have gone better.

Recovering from her tantrum, Nikki had her arms crossed against the back of Brom’s shoulder as he carried her, ass-backwards, down the maze-like halls of Central Labs. She’d just wanted to say goodbye to Orynn, but then those damn security guards…and Brom being there…and seeing Orynn so broken… Stars above…

Nikki exhaled a long breath, trying to calm her nerves and coax her claws to unclench Brom’s shirt. At least she’d stopped shaking three left-turns ago. She wasn’t sure where they were going, but she really didn’t care. As long as it was out of Central, she would be fine with it. “Where are you taking me, you big limik?”

“My place.”

“What?” Nikki blinked and started to squirm out of his grasp.

“Hold still.” He chuckled, pausing at a doorway to swipe his keycard. “I got a spare room, and you’re supposed to be in bed. It’s just a few blocks from here, so you’ll be close if you want to visit. Or, would you rather stay?”

Anywhere but… “I’m sure I could find a hotel.”

“You got the credits for it? Hotels in this part of town start at three hundred a night.”

She frowned and settled back down. Dammit. She could probably steal the credits from a Central terminal, but she didn’t want to disappoint her Aunt Jehdra. At least, not more than she already had. “No. But, my name’s not Charity anymore.” Nikki growled out the nickname Jarren had given her. “I can make my own way. I always have.”

“I know, and it’s not charity, Nikki. Just let me help you, as payback at least. Just until you get set up with a Central account, and trust me, Jehdra has been on their ass about how good an agent you’d be.”

She rolled her eyes as he continued carrying her downhill into the belly of the parking garage. “Yeah right. What’d she put under my skills column? File theft and fraternizing with the enemy?”

Instead of answering, he set her down next to an older model motorcycle. Straddling it and propping it up, he scooted back on the seat. “You’ll burn your legs on the exhaust in a skirt like that, so you’re sitting in front.”

She eyed the motorcycle – it was a sweet, classic ride; the kind of bike you didn’t see often outside an auto museum. Then, she eyed the big Orellian straddling it, and fuck did her Trexen half respond to that like a flash of boiling water. The lust that roiled over her nearly had her knees collapsing. Digging her fingernails into the meat of her palms, she begged her calmer Hedarion side to keep the emotionally unstable Trexen side on a shorter leash.

“Nikki?” Brom’s deep voice, lined with readable concern, made her heart flutter.

A much shorter leash. Inhaling, she put one hand on her hip and did her best to appear unfazed. “You’re really not taking no for an answer, are you?”

The look he gave her was a resounding ‘no’; and she may have actually read that thought from his head, too. It was getting hard to tell what she was hearing from the minds of others, and what were her own disjointed thoughts. With a huff, she straddled the seat in front of him. When he tensed behind her, she intentionally edged back against him and held onto his thighs. “Fine. Everyone knows whores prefer it from behind anyway.”

His body stiffened at her crass comment as he pressed his thumbprint into the engage button on the right handle and revved up the bike’s low-tech combustion engine. “I recall us agreeing that you’re not a whore.”

“Did we?” Nikki’s weak bravado fractured further, but she wasn’t ready to let her heart relax. “Was that before or after we pretended to fuck in my room at the brothel so Jarren wouldn’t suspect you were a secret agent?”

He maneuvered the bike out of the parking space in a jerking motion, his biceps flexing on either side of her. She could feel the anger rolling off him in waves. It made her own unease flare, and she thought she might suffocate from it. Yeah, she was being a snippy bitch about the whole thing, and it was the exact opposite of what he deserved, but it was keeping him at a safe, manageable distance.

The distance evaporated as he stopped his bike on the exit ramp, leaned forward against her and whispered in her ear. “You’re a strong, beautiful woman, Nikki, and there’s no man in this universe who could ever make you into a whore, least of all a psychotic shit-stain like Jarren. The man is dead. Don’t let him drag you down into the grave with him. You’ve got a chance at a fresh start, and I’d like to help you with it, if you’ll let me.”

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