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Clowns & Cowboys

by C.E. Kilgore

“You girls just about done putting on your faces?”

Clint glanced up from his small magnified mirror to the larger one backing the wall of the prep-trailer. In the reflection, Colby Jackson was having his usual laugh at watching the rodeo clowns putting on their makeup. The guy was a damn good bronco rider; a crowd favorite. He was also a colossal douche.

Colby flashed his smile, a dimple on his left cheek winking and his cow-brown eyes meeting Clint’s muddy hazel in the mirror. Clint’s cheeks heated, but luckily he’d already put on his white base. Though, it did nothing to hide the blush creeping up the back of his neck.

“You sure are lookin’ purdy, Clint,” Colby snickered. “I do believe yellow is your color.”

“The kids like it,” Clint muttered, pulling his yellow, Sponge Bob bandanna further up his neck.

“Get on out ‘a here,” old Branson shooed the cowboy out of the trailer, following down the steps with an elderly earful. “Didn’t your daddy teach you any manners ’bout respecting the clowns who’re ’bout to safeguard your skinny arse in the arena?”

“Aw, c’mon ya old goat!” Colby protested, his hand holding onto the metal doorframe as Branson hit him with his cowboy hat. “I was just pokin’ fun! What kinda clowns are ya? Y’all should appreciate a good joke!”

“I’ll give you a good joke,” Branson grumbled with another shove out the door. “About how my boot got stuck up your ass.”

The rest of the clowns in the trailer had themselves a good chuckle, but Clint scowled at his mirror instead. It pissed him off something fierce how attracted he was to that douche Colby. It’d been that way since Clint had first laid eyes on the man and noticed Colby didn’t get pissed off at being stared at by another dude. Not that them both being gay upped Clint’s chances of hooking up with the cowboy.

Not that he wanted to. Okay, maybe he did. A little.

A lot.

The red oil crayon in his hand drew an unsteady line below his bottom lip. Dangit. Now he was all shook up over Colby’s stupid smile.

“Don’t let that mule shake you, son,” Jeb said, his hand clasping Clint’s shoulder with a firm, callused grip. “You being new to the circuit just makes you the default target.”

The other clowns in the trailer all gave similar words and grunts of agreement as they finished getting ready. As they filed out, Hank stopped to point at the yellow bandanna. “My niece loves Sponge Bob. Jackasses like Colby forget the rodeo ain’t just about them and their belt buckles. A clown’s job-”

“-is to safegaurd the cowboys and entertain the crowd,” Clint finished. He may’ve  been new to the PRCA National circuit, but it wasn’t his first season working a rodeo. He’d been a clown since his dad first put him in the ring at thirteen, realizing he had more skill for managing the bulls than riding them. After graduating, he’d jumped fence, with his dad’s blessing, and joined the weekend warrior Prairie circuit.

College wasn’t for him, but facing down bulls and broncos while putting on a show for the crowd? Well, that just seemed to be in his blood. Still, he was young compared the other scarred veterans in the trailer, and he knew he had a long way to go to earn the marks and respect he wanted and the chance at clowning the PBR Nationals.

“Yes, sir,” Clint finished respectfully. “Thanks, Hank.”

Hank smiled the easy grin he always wore then left the trailer, leaving Clint alone and lagging behind. He adjusted his Sponge Bob bandanna again, taking more pride in it. On the bandanna, Sponge Bob had a cowboy hat and boots while twirling a lasso. He’d never actually seen the show, but it always got even the most skittish kid to smile.

He’d been a skittish kid once. Losing your momma early can do that. The rodeo had pried his shell back open. If he could do that for a kid or two, then heck, he’d wear a Sponge Bob costume and ride around on a stick-horse while trying to lasso a piglet. The visual made him chuckle.

“What’s got you giggling like a schoolgirl?”

Clint flinched at the sound of Colby’s mocking voice. The cocky cowboy was back in the trailer’s doorway, leaning back on the frame with his arms crossed and his hat tilted downward. Damn. The man looked like a Stetson ad.

Clint darted his eyes away before they lingered way too long on Colby’s tight bluejeans and red western wear button-up with its sleeves rolled to the elbow. “Thought Branson made it clear, cowboys ain’t welcome in this trailer.”

“Aw, shoot,” Colby pouted with a hand slapping his chest. “You done wounded my heart.”

“Oh? And here I’d reckoned you didn’t have one of those.”

“Ouch.” Colby went quiet for a moment then stepped further into the trailer, the spring-hinged door snapping shut.

Against his better judgement, Clint let his gaze lift back up to the mirror, only to be caught up in a pair of sad-looking puppy dog eyes staring straight back at the reflection. Feeling like crap, Clint muttered an apology. “Sorry. Just pre-arena jitters, you know?”

“Nah,” Colby sighed, taking off his hat and raking a hand through dirty blond hair. “Guess I rightly deserved that.”

Clint tried not to stare at the man’s hair. “Well… You can be kind of a dick sometimes.”

“I know,” he huffed, flopping down into the chair next to Clint, straddling the seat backwards and leaning forward against the backrest. “My ma used to clock me good for it. Nervous habit. I turn into a real smart ass when I don’t know what else to say, or the words I want to say won’t come out.”

“Oh.” Clint glanced over, surprised by the fact that they were having their first real conversation and that Colby had been so forthright. “Wait, what’re nervous about? You’re the top seat for this year’s nationals in bareback and saddle bronc. Shoot, you’d have to fall off every dang horse from now till November to lose your spots.”

Colby’s gaze dropped, bottom lip disappearing between his teeth for a moment. “Yeah, if I can keep the sponsors on my vest.”

Clint’s eyebrow raised. Was Colby in some kinda trouble? “Why would any of them sponsors drop you? That’d be stu-”

Clint didn’t get another word out as Colby sprung forward, fisting Clint’s Sponge Bob bandanna and tugging him hard into a kiss. Sweet mercy. Clint’s brain short-wired as Colby tongue slipped in and rode his mouth like a buckin’ bronc. When they came up for heavily panted breaths, Colby’s lips were smeared with red and white oil pencil. Clint couldn’t help but snort.

“You look good in red,” Clint chuckled while wiping the man’s face clean with a wetnap.

“And you’re gonna have to fix your face.” Colby blushed, his head ducking down a bit. “Sorry.”

“Somehow, I doubt that.” Clint reached out and brushed his fingers along Colby’s chin. “So, is that why you’re worried about your sponsors? Because you like kissin’ men?”

“Because I wanna take you out on a date, proper like,” Colby argued. “Been wanting to. Couldn’t hold back on wanting to kiss you no more, but going out…in public…”

“It could be trouble.”

“Could be,” Colby smirked. “Then again, I’ve kinda always had a love affair with trouble.”

Clint put on a serious expression. “And what makes you think I wanna go out on a date with a cowboy?”

“Oh. Uh…” Colby’s confidence deflated right before Clint’s eyes. It was kinda adorable. “Well, I thought you’ve been looking at me, and I’ve been looking at you, and… What? Stop laughing at me ya dang clown!”

“Not until you kiss me again, cowboy.”

“Damn.” Colby grinned wide, taking hold of Clint’s bandanna again. “We’re gonna need a whole lot more of them wetnaps.”

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  1. Alexis Duran says:

    Very fun story! Glad Colby’s not such a douche after all.

  2. Great story! Lots of sparks flying in this one 🙂

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