January 2017 Check-in


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Greetings, Readers!

I’m going to try a new thing in 2017 where I post a mini progress report each month. I hope it will give my readers a better idea on when the book they’re waiting for is coming, and help keep me on track to cleaning out my WIP folder.

This month, I wrapped up my next Science Fiction romance novel, NOT IN KANSAS ANYMORE and have finalized the cover (see bottom of post). It will be available for pre-order in February with an intro price of $0.99 cents for the first few weeks. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter so you’ll know when it becomes available before the price goes up to $4.99.

I have raised the price of some of my full length titles to a new standard price point of $4.99. I will continue to offer many of my books for free or $0.99 cents, and most of my titles are on the Kindle Unlimited program. I hope that you can understand my reasons for asking a little bit more for some of my books, and know that I will always do my best to accommodate and offer sales throughout the year.

Moving into February, I will be finishing up Corwint Central Agent Files book 5: PROMISE THE STARS, with the hopes of having it on pre-order by mid-March. After that, I will see what my muse says, but I think The Stables book 5: CROWS DON’T SING is long overdue.

Now, on to the cover!


Seeking an escape from her life back in Kansas, Dottie signs up on a whim to become a Federation space captain! – of a tiny, solo-crew cargo hauler. Alone in space and wishing for adventure, Dottie goes off course to an uncharted star system to answer a distress call. Sure, the call is in an alien language she’s never heard, and yes, she’s probably going to get fired on her first Federation mission, but… to adventure!

After being forced down to the planet by an alien probe in orbit, Dottie meets Croen, a handsome grey-skinned man with vivid purple eyes and an energy rifle pointed right at her. Learning they are in a shared predicament, they set off together in search of the probes’ origins, what happened to the aliens whose ancient ruins litter the jungle, and how to get back home.

Along the way, they’ll face challenges, meet unexpected friends and learn home is where your heart is.


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