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Heartland Briefs | C.E. Kilgore
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Heartland Briefs

Heartland Briefs


Heartland Briefs is a collection of satisfying one-shot male-male romance stories taking place in America’s new heartland – from Texas to Kentucky, Oklahoma to Montana, and all the rolling hills, farm fields and big cities in between. Each story is full of romance, great characters, a touch of heat and two boys falling in love.

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Included in this collection:

Chasing After Chandler
Meteorology professor Ethan ‘Rain Talker’ Carter has more important things to do than chase after that crazy na hullo photographer again, even if Chandler seems hell bent on ending up inside the dang tornado they’re chasing. Chandler is seeking the perfect shot, and he’s got is eye set on more than the angry looking storm breaking over the Oklahoma horizon.

Passing to Payton
Nothing could ruin Jamie’s mood after throwing the perfect game, not even that homophobic jerk Peterson. Things heat up in the locker room when he stumbles into Payton Remy – the tight end Jamie’s been drooling over since training camp. When Payton says the wrong thing, Jamie runs for the sidelines. But Payton isn’t about to toss in the towel. It’s his birthday, after all, and he has his own present all picked out – helping his hot quarterback make the perfect pass.

Queen of the Lawn
It’s another dismal Friday night in Oak Lawn, and another night in drag at The Lemonade Stand for Xander Ortega. He’s down in the dumps after being dumped, and all the alcohol in the world doesn’t seem to be helping. It is making him more than a little dizzy, though. After ending up in unexpected arms, the daylight brings truth without the makeup and a heart trying to let go.

Reaching for the Sky
Some people, mostly Oklahoma Sooners, say that the only thing to ever come outta Texas are steers and queers. For Skylar Tallwater, that joke had become a bit of a chuckle every time he straddled the gate. He was a queer who was about to ride a steer, and the crowd would cheer him for it. That is until it all goes wrong and he ends up in the hospital and is outed on national television, putting his sponsors and his championship buckle on the line. Through it all, one man stands by his side – that crazy rodeo clown Hank Hooch, and Hank’s not about to let Skylar’s worst ride be his last.

Texas Tea
As Drillmaster, Tyler leads his team through a successful, safe rotation out on the rig. When a newcomer on the team seems a bit lost once they return to shore, Tyler decides to give David ride, only to learn that David has nowhere to go. David must learn to trust again, if he’s ever going to find his way home.

Tracking Down Travis
Cole’s gone and done it again – tied up by a bet and strung along by yet another one of Travis’s stupid jokes. Cole’s got a ranch to run, and he doesn’t have the time nor the patience for Travis, especially when spending time with his best friend is a constant battle between his heart and the way Travis makes his body feel. Travis has decided that enough is enough, and he’s set himself up a plan for getting Cole right where he wants him.

Welcoming Home William
Saul’s been waiting for William to come home from overseas, even if they lost communication and the letters stopped coming. He held out hope that William remained true, but he feels unwelcomed at the airport terminal. William’s not sure what kind of dumb ideas Saul’s got in his head, but he’s not gonna let Saul just walk away. Both men search for a reminder of what was missed when they were apart, and what they could have if they both stay.

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