Crows Don’t Sing Chapter Preview #2

About the book:

Deputy Sheriff James Darcy has been chasing after Jude since high school, when she showed up out of nowhere and gave him a black eye for picking on a freshman. For just as long, Jude has been running away from James and all the things he makes her feel. As Johnson County begins to burn around them in the midst of scandal, they will have to sideline their chase and work together to save The Stables, their friends, and the entire county from the fires of corruption. The corruption in Johnson County runs deep and old, though, and it will force Jude and James to dredge up unwanted memories and face misunderstood pasts if they have any hope of building a future together. Set in Texas, The Stables is a Contemporary Romance series with light BDSM elements and mature themes.



“Eh, Mamá,” I whisper softly with a shake of her elbow in my grasp. “It’s eight; time for your pills.”

No quiero,” she whines, batting me away before covering her face from the morning sun.

Please, Mamá,” I lose the whisper and try begging instead. It’s Saturday, so I’ve got the time, but Lord knows I’m lacking in patience. “I’ll make pancakes if you get up and take your medicine.”

A huff from under the blanket then it inches down to expose one brown eye. “With bacon?”

It’s like haggling with a toddler. “I think I have some.”

“And eggs?”

“No eggs. The doctor said they-”

“Pfft, what’s a doctor know? If I die tomorrow, then I would like to have had some eggs.”

Ay, Mamá,” and this is such an old battle. “If I give you eggs, then you must drink the shake.”

“Feh!” She pulls the covers up once more. “No. I stay in bed, you go drink the shake.”

“My iron is fine. Yours, however, is not. That is why the prescription says Anita Ramirez, not Judith.”

“You should go double check. I’ll wait here.”

A tiny laugh bubbles up through my frustration. This is a good morning. On the bad mornings, when her teasing is replaced with yelling or crying, I become thankful for mornings like this. On mornings like this, everything else can wait.

“Maybe I should check the bacon too, then,” I tease back, my fingers running into her greying chestnut hair. “I think it said ‘for Judith only’ on the label.”

“You wouldn’t eat it without me, eh?” comes the dare from beneath the blanket.

“I would.”

“You would,” she sighs and lowers the blanket. “Because you are me, and I am you.”

I smile, because it is such a good day. “Sí, Mamá, because I am you.”

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