Corwint Central Agent Files Book 5 is here!


The Corwint Central Agent Files  are back with Book 5: PROMISE THE STARS. As part of the Science Fiction Brigade May Showcase, I have an exclusive excerpt! You can get PROMISE THE STARS for $1 (see links below).

New to the series? You can get books 1 & 2 free. Click here to learn more.

About The Book:

To you, my dearest child, I promise the stars…

Nikki’s been to the deepest pit of darkness in the universe and lived to tell about it, barely. But, to move forward with her life, she must first go back to Thetos – where a buried secret and her father’s promise await her return. Despite her independent, defensive nature, she lets Brom into her world and under her skin bit by bit. With her Trexen biology clawing its way into fruition, including unwanted side effects like mind-reading and a deadly temper, she struggles to see herself as worthy of her father’s intellectual legacy. The more she reveals to Brom, the faster she expects him to leave. She quickly learns Orellians don’t give up so easily, and Brom’s as stubborn as they come.

But someone’s been waiting for Nikki’s return and the secret she guards. Its discovery could mean a chance at peace, or lead to all out war. In the wrong hands, even the best intentions can lead to catastrophe, and a promise can decay into regret.

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Exclusive Excerpt:

  “Charity,” Jarren’s muffled voice came through the door as a haunting call invading Nikki’s ears. “Open the door for me so that we can all leave this place together.”

“Eat shit and die, you psychotic ja’niija!” Nikki backed away from the door, looking around in startled confusion. She was back in that place – that shithole room in the basement of the T’jaros Black Wings’ stronghold. How had she been captured again? Why was she back here?

“Charity? You’re trying my patience.”

And why is that bastard not dead?

Muffled crying filled in the foggy shadows behind her. The girls. Lolly, Star and Yiazra. Gods, she remembered…this place and this time she wanted only to forget.

She turned to the girls behind her with a hushed command. “Hurry up and get under my bed, and don’t make a sound.”

“Charity! Don’t make me do this the hard way!” Jarren’s ranting continued.

Nikki glared at door with a defiant laugh. “Oh, but Jarren, sweetie, we all know you haven’t been able to do it the hard way in years. And my name’s Nikki, you soft-cocked prick!”

It’s Nikki, not Charity. Never again. Never-

The door exploded inward, the room filling with smoke. The concussive blast knocked her into the far wall, her ears left ringing and mind dazed. Through the smoke, Jarren stepped into the room, his eyes a wild and furious steel blue. With a snarl, he grabbed her by the neck and lifted her up, her feet no longer touching the ground. This was it – she’d finally pushed him too far, and he was going to kill her for it. In all honesty, she welcomed the end to this madness.

“You’ve really outdone yourself this time, my dear,” Jarren snarled. “I was going to give you back to Jehdra when this was over, but now…” Jarren tightened his grip. “Where is Yiazra?”

In her acceptance of the end, she found strength. “Fuck… you…”

“She’s under the bed, Master.” Tavia, Jarren’s psychotic pet Trexen, stepped into the room. “Come out, Ruisk, or Charity loses her head.”

“You… mind-fucked… whore!” Nikki spat out between gasping breaths as Star and Lolly appeared from under the bed, followed by Yiazra. Nikki growled in warning at Tavia. If she’d come just a bit closer, perhaps she could kill Tavia before Jarren killed them all. It would be one last thing to help Nikki die in peace.

“What is this?” Tavia’s face leaned into the camera dangling from the hacked communication panel – a device from Brom in an attempt to set them all free. “Quite the resourceful little half-breed. Master, it looks like she’s broadcasting this.”

“What?!” Jarren dropped Nikki to the floor and pulled out a gun.

“Jarren, no!” Yiazra tried to reason with him, but he pushed her aside while glaring at Nikki.

“After all that I’ve done for you,” he muttered, the gun aimed between Nikki’s glaring black eyes. “Where was my fault?”

Where was my fault?

Tell me, Nikki? Where did it all go so wrong?

Jarren’s blue eyes filled with a confused sadness, his ghost begging her to answer. But, she didn’t know. Where had it all gone so wrong? How could things ever be right again?

When she could offer only silence, his sadness morphed into rage. “You should have died with me,” he rasped from the shadows before pulling the trigger.

In the darkness, Nikki woke up screaming. Her black eyes wide, the darkness slowly dissipated into discernable objects as her light-sensitive vision adjusted. Heart pounding, she took in a long breath to calm her nerves. From down the hall, a thump sounded followed by heavy footfalls.

Dammit. She’d woken up Brom. Gripping the comforter, she begged her hands to stop shaking.

Brom rushed into the room and flicked on a light. Nikki winced as the new light source momentarily blinded her over-sensitive retinas. With a few blinks, they readjusted, only to be met with Brom’s hazel eyes looking over her with concern as he knelt by the couch.

“You okay?” he asked, reaching towards her but stopping inches away from her bare arm.

“I’m fine.” She forced her mouth into the same false smile she’d been trained to give customers. “Sorry about that.”

“Bad dream?”

“Yeah.” She replied dryly then gawked at his current attire – a pair of snuggly fitting black boxer briefs and nothing else. The lamplight hugged every single arching curve and deep crevice of his muscular shoulders, solid chest and hard abs. The fine, tiny scales that made up his burnt orange skin caught the light, reflecting and shimmering with each breath he took. The scent was there too – that familiar but strange Orellian spice, strong and permeating.

His hand breached the distance, his warm palm caressing her arm and making her shiver. “Nikki?”

After staring longer than she should have, she lowered her eyes back to the blanket and picked idly at its fibers. “I’m fine. Sorry for passing out on your couch.”

“Don’t sweat it. That last round was a snooze-fest. Why don’t we get you into bed, though?”

“Mine or yours, big-boy?” Her attempt at brothel house levity caused his brow the crinkle. “Sorry. Kidding.”

“I know.” He lifted her off the couch, comforter and all, and carried her into the guest room.


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