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Books by C.E. Kilgore

Non-Series Books


The Stables (Contemporary Romance With Light BDSM)

  1. All These Pieces of Me
  2. Obsessive Compulsion
  3. If You Still Want Me
  4. Pierce The Heart
  5. By The Horns
  6. Crows Don’t Sing

Welcome to Alvarado (Contemporary M/M Romance)

  1. Right Back Where
  2. Unwelcome Home
  3. In The Wind

Heart’s Compass (Post-Apocalyptic M/M Romance)

Corwint Central Agent Files (Sci-Fi Romance)

  1. Ghost In The Machine
  2. To Even Have Dreams
  3. According To Plan
  4. Whispers From Exile
  5. Awake My Soul
  6. Unbound Instinct
  7. Tracing The Stars
  8. Terms For Surrender
  9. Violet Haze
  10. Breathe Into Existence
  11. Promise The Stars

Celestial Seasons (Sci-Fi Romance)

Omnibus Edition, includes:
Noelle In His Heart
Made With Love
Colors of Love
Going Out With A Bang



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