A Patreon Adventure


Hello Readers!

First, I want to say thank you. Thank you, to each and every reader who is reading this post, who sent me a Facebook message over the past few months, an email, or a ‘hello’ on Goodreads. I can’t adequately express how much it meant to me, how much it helped me to keep writing.

I’ll be honest, readers, there have been times this year when I have considered raising the white flag. As an independent author, it’s truly a struggle to make ends meet. That added stress makes it even harder to produce quality things for you to read, and the cycle continues. I’ve made several changes to my workflow, and several cutbacks in spending, that have helped relieve some of the stress and get over the horrible writers’ block it had caused. Even with the cuts and changes, however, I remain in search of ways to help myself remain an independent artist.

After much debate, I have decided to begin a new adventure on Patreon.

I in no way expect readers to sign up to support me monthly. I’m already grateful for every single person who takes the time to read one of my books. Every subscriber will be a surprise, a blessing.

I do have plans to repay my subscribers with short stories, exclusive content, chapter releases, and more.

I will be giving all $2 Coffee Club patrons my new releases for free, one week before you can get it anywhere else.

I hope to build content for you to enjoy, and my first major goal will be to begin the adventure of releasing audiobooks.

This is an experiment, dear readers, one I hope you can understand and help me with. I hope to continue bringing you new stories of life, love and unforgettable characters.

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