News 2/20/2014

Hello all! Here are some updates about what I’m working on and reading at the moment.

What I finished reading:

Series: Key of Ascension
By Terra Whiteman
Genre: SciFi /
Futuristic / Post apoc

Click Here to read full review on Tracing The Stars

What I’m listening to:

Peter Gabriel: My Body Is A Cage

What I’m working on:

  • Corwint Central Agent Files book 4: I just breached 41,000 words, which is about the 30% mark if this novel follows the rest in the series. I’ve been able to incorporate some ideas and writing that I did way back in 2012. It’s kinda neat having these concepts that I’ve envisioned coming together after so long and three books in the series.
  • Updating , slowly but surely.

What I’m Celebrating:

A HUGE congrats to a fellow author – Nicolas Sansbury Smith. His Science Fiction book series, ORBS, has been picked up by Simon&Shuster’s SciFi publishing label. Go check out his series over at

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  1. Congratulations, Nicholas! And congratulations on the thirty percent mark.

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