True North: Chapter 1 Preview

True North is now available for pre-order on Amazon for 99cents!

An apocalyptic M/M Romance. Electricity is gone. Society is on its knees. The heart’s compass becomes the light in the darkness.

Joshua has had enough of people. Especially those desperate, starving bastards who he’s certain ate his dog. When people decide to leave the university town of Lincoln, Nebraska and head south before winter sets in, Joshua heads north instead. When he lands face-first in a snowbank, he welcomes death. What he finds instead is the handsome smile of Chris, a lone goat farmer who’s trying to make the best of life without power.

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Here is the entire first chapter that you can’t read on Amazon right now due to pre-order status!

Chapter 1

When the end came, there were no zombies.

I felt a little lied to; betrayed by all those late night horror flicks I’d snuck into the den to watch while my snoring grandma was blissfully unaware her ‘little angel boy’ had gotten out of bed. There weren’t any atomic bombs, either, but I’m glad about that. I think I could fight off a zombie or two before they ate my brains, but radiation poisoning wouldn’t be my first choice for how to die. There was also no big volcano explosion, no Texas-sized rock from space, nor a giant global earthquake caused by magnetic pole-shifting.

New Series Announcement!


Coming Soon – a M/M apocalyptic romance series.

HeartsCompassLGOur heart has its own compass. It knows where we should be heading, even if the rest of us doesn’t. Through loss and love, our heart’s compass guides us through life, often to somewhere completely unexpected. When the world ends, the heart’s compass of several people has them headed in directions they may have never traveled otherwise.

Each book in the series is a stand-alone story, but is written within the same fictional setting in which the Earth has just been struck with several massive solar flares. All modern technology has been rendered inoperable. Cars, computers, city infrastructure, phones – all gone in an instant and without warning. In the days directly following the end of the modern world, people must learn to depend on each other, and on their heart’s compass, if they hope to survive.


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Freebies and a Sneak Peek

Happy New Year! I have two announcements as I head into 2015 full of new stories to be told.

1) FREEBIES: All These Pieces Of Me (The Stables #1, contemporary romance with BDSM elements) and Ghost In The Machine (Corwint Central Agent Files #1, science fiction romance) are now available free. If you haven’t tried one of these series, now is the perfect chance. The other books in each series are in the Kindles Unlimited program, so if you are a KU member, you can read the entire series for free (minus the latest release, Pierce The Heart (The Stables #4).

2) New M/M Romance series announcement! ‘Welcome To Alvarado‘ is going to be a new LGBT romance series launching in early 2015. Set in the small town of Alvarado, Texas, it explores the struggles, stigmas, joys and acceptance of same-sex relationships. The first book, ‘Right Back Where’, follows Sam as he comes back to the town he ran from five years prior to face old ghosts, past bullies, friends he didn’t realize he had, and to fulfill the dying wish of the one person in Alvarado he new for sure loved him. Rosie Greene always had a hug ready and an open door, and she helped nurture Sam’s love for music. She also had a jerk for a son. To ensure Rosie’s last wishes are met, Sam struggles to put aside his childhood memories of Cody Greene’s bullying. What he discovers along the way leaves him wondering if ending up right back where he started is simply coming back to where he should’ve been all along.

Right Back Where – Excerpt

Alvarado is a town that feels like home the minute you drive into it, its farms and fields not yet gobbled up by the ever expanding Dallas-Fort Worth-metro suburban plague. It’s impossible to ignore that feeling of comfort and appreciation for small-town life that hits me as I pass by places I remember from childhood, even if most of those memories are outlined in misery.

In those days, I’d wanted nothing more than to fit in with the people who closed shop early on Fridays for football games in the fall, or the kids who ran unattended down the street without big-city fears about not making it back home, and teens who snuck out to bonfires in the fields at night after helping their folks bale the wheat that morning. It had been an aching desire to be part of it all, but I’d been outcast early on. Relegated to the sidelines, because every town needed its pariah.

Pierce The Heart – Now Available!


IT’S DONE! The Stables book #4, Pierce The Heart, is live!

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Also available at Kobo, iBooks, Oyster and more.


In book 4, secrets are revealed, leaving Kyle struggling for a hold on his reason, his life and the love he’s had deeply buried in his heart since the first time he saw Sarah.

The Stables pulls together as a family while Sarah faces her demons, her lies and the unbreakable love she has for Kyle. Set in Texas, this is a Contemporary Romance series with BDSM elements and mature, atypical themes. Each book will be a complete story, no cliffhangers.

Everyone is addicted to something. It’s human nature. Part of what makes us tick. People who say they aren’t addicted to at least one thing are just addicted to being in denial, and that’s okay. Me? Well, I’ve been in full-blown acceptance of my many addictions for quite some time. Some of them I hate. Others I deal with. Some I absolutely love. One of them, I can’t make up my mind about – Sarah Levitz.

But sometimes what we want becomes this poisonous, soul-eating reflection of what we can’t have; of what betrayed us, ripped out everything that was good and stomped it into the dirt.

Like the heart that’s not in my chest anymore because she tore it out and buried it in her grandma’s backyard next to the time-capsule we were supposed to dig up together in a future that’s no longer ours.

I know I ain’t smart. I maybe ain’t as bad with learnin’ like my brother Saul, but he did go to U of T while I barely managed my GED. It’s hard – finishing high school while you’re eight months pregnant. Sure, I could’a fit into a graduation gown, but no way in Hell was I gonna waddle my ass across stage so all the two-faced bitches could gawk and whisper.

While others were walking across stage and being handed a roll of paper, I was being handed a beautiful baby girl. When they set her in my arms and the sunlight lit up her sweet, chubby face, I knew I was the luckiest momma alive. That precious angel was mine to cherish, my little Kylie, and damn straight, I was gonna do right by her. Even if I couldn’t do right by no one else.

Even if I couldn’t do right by her father.


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