News: 3/28/2014

Howdy folks! Just a few updates to share.

First, the month of April is almost here. For thousands of bloggers, myself included, that means the A to Z Challenge! I’ll be doing 26 blog posts from A to Z on the theme of Science Fiction books over at Tracing The Stars. Click here to check it out.



Second, I’ve been working on Terms For Surrender - the side story for Ogrridannes. Og is the female Orellian you meet briefly in book 3: Tracing The Stars.


Ogrridannes is leading her Central Strike Team on the hunt for the fugitive Lucas Ardos. Ardos is wanted for betraying his Central Agent partner and the murder of twenty-eight civilians. She must track him deep into dangerous T’jaros territory, but she isn’t the only one who’s after Ardos.

Cassien is not what he appears at first glance. He’s on a desperate mission to preserve the research done by his adoptive parents and save the future of his people. Ardos has stolen their research and Cassien is willing to do whatever it takes to get it back, even learn to trust a woman who could either open his heart or break every bone in his body.

Ogrridannes isn’t looking for love. She’s been burned before, and she gets that to most, her bulging muscles, mohawk and orange, scaled skin is nothing more than a curiosity. Being just one of the guys, however, is starting to get depressing. When Cassien shows up, needing her help, she has to decide if she’s going to let him in or keep him away to save her mission and her heart.

I hope to have Terms For Surrender ready for release sometime in April.


New Release! – Preconceptions

Preconceptions-400Preconceptions is a sweet and geeky contemporary romance that will ask you to test your own perceptions and preconceptions as two strangers meet in total darkness. Subtle clues and conversation will be your only hints at the two main characters’ true identities. When the lights come on and all is revealed, will your preconceptions prove true, or will the truth be an unexpected surprise?

It’s Dee’s thirtieth birthday, and her two best friends have quite the surprise in store for her. She’s been kidnapped via taxi, blindfolded and shoved into a strange room with a strange man who has the idea that this is all a planned blind date.

Another blind-date hadn’t been in Chris’ plans, but when the The Dark Room club’s owner called him up and said he finally had the perfect match, Chris decided one more try couldn’t hurt. When his date arrives in the pitch-black room confused and completely unaware it’s a date, Chris has to wonder if he’s in for yet another disappointing night.

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I has a shiny…

Sometimes, my muse can play tricks on me. I’m right in the middle of working on Corwint book 4 (Breathe Into Existence) and WHAM! my muse switches directions. So, taking a little break from Space Opera to work on a new Contemporary Romance novella. I’m already 8k words into it, it has a title and a cover! More details to come soon. For now, here is the cover:


News 3/04/2014

Is it March already? Sure wouldn’t know it by all the snow on the ground outside and the 11 degrees F temperature! I guess the groundhog was right this year. Another great reason to curl up on the couch with a good book or my laptop to get some writing done. What are you doing to beat the “arctic blast” ?

What I’m Reading:

The Stolen

By Michelle P. Browne
Genre: Dystopic

Review to come soon on Tracing The Stars



What I’m listening to:

Worf of Starfleet:

It’s a parody on Wolf of Wallstreet movie trailer. Really well done and hilarious. Can’t stop replaying it.

What I’m working on:

  • Corwint Central Agent Files book 4: Breathe Into Existence.  I’m now at 85k words. Much revision work ahead, but I’ve figured out where I want to take the series next after book 4, and book 4 now has a conclusion.
  • Updating

What I’m Celebrating:

Getting over this darn head-cold. Still not back to 100%, but at least I can breathe!

News 2/20/2014

Hello all! Here are some updates about what I’m working on and reading at the moment.

What I finished reading:

Series: Key of Ascension
By Terra Whiteman
Genre: SciFi /
Futuristic / Post apoc

Click Here to read full review on Tracing The Stars

What I’m listening to:

Peter Gabriel: My Body Is A Cage

What I’m working on:

  • Corwint Central Agent Files book 4: I just breached 41,000 words, which is about the 30% mark if this novel follows the rest in the series. I’ve been able to incorporate some ideas and writing that I did way back in 2012. It’s kinda neat having these concepts that I’ve envisioned coming together after so long and three books in the series.
  • Updating , slowly but surely.

What I’m Celebrating:

A HUGE congrats to a fellow author – Nicolas Sansbury Smith. His Science Fiction book series, ORBS, has been picked up by Simon&Shuster’s SciFi publishing label. Go check out his series over at