Oklahoma, Oh-Gay!

I have a new series announcement! My muse has been on an LGBT reading and writing binge lately, and it’s not showing any signs of stopping.

Introducing 50 States of Gay! 

50 States of Gay is marching across America to bring you tales of gay romance. These are love stories between two men. Yes – men will be kissing (and other stuff). From cowboys down in Texas to ski instructors in Vermont, to trappers up in Alaska and to surfers in Hawaii, 50 States of Gay will proudly wave the flag of equal love.

Book 1: Oklahoma, Oh-Gay! 


Yes, I went there, and I have no regrets. I think these stories were inspired by resent legislation and changes in Oklahoma. In this first book in the series, you’ll meet two comic book loving cowboys, a couple of storm chasers, the boys of the Oklahoma State Sooners’ football team, and experience the small town welcoming home of a soldier back from overseas.

Oklahoma is now available for pre-order!

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VOLs 2 & 3 coming this summer:

BiggerTexas600  Hawaii600

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Heart’s Compass LGBT Romance Reading Challenge

IT’S DONE! All four books in the post-apocalyptic, gay romance series, Heart’s Compass, have now been published!


To celebrate, I’m issuing a CHALLENGE!

The challenge is easy: Push your LGBT boundaries by reading 3 LGBT romance books in 3 months.

Are you a reader who only reads M/F romance? Or, have you read M/M (gay) romance, but not F/F (lesbian) romance? Or, have you read all of the above, but haven’t dipped your toes into transgender, genderqueer or non-binary fiction? Or, maybe you’re an LGBT reader, but new to romance? I challenge you to read 3 LGBT romance books by June 30th!

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Colors of Love (Celestial Seasons #3)

It’s done! After a year-long hiatus, the crash-landed alien crew of Celestial Seasons has returned for the third book in the series, Colors of Love.


Kyle’s never been one for conformity. He loves color. He loves being himself. And, he’s in love with Amber. After three months of serious dating, he thinks he has a brilliant plan to take their relationship to the next level. All he needs is a little ink, some nerve, and a cake with magenta frosting.

After crash-landing on Earth, Amber thought she’d never find love. Now, Amber’s whole world is turning magenta, and it’s not a good thing. It’s also supposed to be impossible. Despite Kyle being human, her own Cleodyte biology has initiated the Oosan – a biochemical reaction that could tether them together permanently. She knows Kyle loves both his freedom and the idea of having kids some day – two things he’d have to give up if she allows the Oosan to continue.

Then there’s the whole ‘growing old before he does’ issue… As if her life wasn’t complicated enough, now her hair has turned traitor, and magenta. She loves him, so perhaps it would be best to let him go. Kyle, however, won’t let her go so easy. He’s seeing magenta, too. And to him, it’s just one of the many colors of love.

Available at:


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True North is Now Available!

True North is now available on Amazon for 99cents!

An apocalyptic M/M Romance. Electricity is gone. Society is on its knees. The heart’s compass becomes the light in the darkness.

Joshua has had enough of people. Especially those desperate, starving bastards who he’s certain ate his dog. When people decide to leave the university town of Lincoln, Nebraska and head south before winter sets in, Joshua heads north instead. When he lands face-first in a snowbank, he welcomes death. What he finds instead is the handsome smile of Chris, a lone goat farmer who’s trying to make the best of life without power.

Available at




Read a chapter preview:

Chapter 1

When the end came, there were no zombies.

I felt a little lied to; betrayed by all those late night horror flicks I’d snuck into the den to watch while my snoring grandma was blissfully unaware her ‘little angel boy’ had gotten out of bed. There weren’t any atomic bombs, either, but I’m glad about that. I think I could fight off a zombie or two before they ate my brains, but radiation poisoning wouldn’t be my first choice for how to die. There was also no big volcano explosion, no Texas-sized rock from space, nor a giant global earthquake caused by magnetic pole-shifting.

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Unbound Instinct, 2nd Edition

Vex was born into servitude. Cris is the last of her kind. Together, they will search for a grasp of freedom, an acceptance of themselves and an understanding of each other.

UNBOUND INSTINCT is part of the Corwint Central Agent Files science fiction romance universe. It is part of the series, but can be read as a complete, stand-alone novel.


Available at:

About the Book:

Vex was born into servitude, collared and trained into submission by the Xen’dari Empire. An unexpected turn of events offers him the chance for freedom, but Trexen were taught to fear freedom, and to fear themselves. Without the Xen’dari collar around his neck or a Master to tell him what to do and how to do it, Vex is faced with having to make his own choices while fighting against the instinctual, carnal nature of his Trexen heritage.

Cris is the last of her kind, enslaved by a man who uses her charms to subdue the crowds of his tavern and heal the wounds of his gang who attack the territories surrounding their outpost. When Vex steps into her world and kidnaps her into freedom, she must decide if she will accept it or if she will run from it and him.

These books in the Corwint series have also had their covers updated:

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