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IT’S DONE! The Stables book #4, Pierce The Heart, is live!

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Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00Q9114VS/
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In book 4, secrets are revealed, leaving Kyle struggling for a hold on his reason, his life and the love he’s had deeply buried in his heart since the first time he saw Sarah.

The Stables pulls together as a family while Sarah faces her demons, her lies and the unbreakable love she has for Kyle. Set in Texas, this is a Contemporary Romance series with BDSM elements and mature, atypical themes. Each book will be a complete story, no cliffhangers.

Everyone is addicted to something. It’s human nature. Part of what makes us tick. People who say they aren’t addicted to at least one thing are just addicted to being in denial, and that’s okay. Me? Well, I’ve been in full-blown acceptance of my many addictions for quite some time. Some of them I hate. Others I deal with. Some I absolutely love. One of them, I can’t make up my mind about – Sarah Levitz.

But sometimes what we want becomes this poisonous, soul-eating reflection of what we can’t have; of what betrayed us, ripped out everything that was good and stomped it into the dirt.

Like the heart that’s not in my chest anymore because she tore it out and buried it in her grandma’s backyard next to the time-capsule we were supposed to dig up together in a future that’s no longer ours.

I know I ain’t smart. I maybe ain’t as bad with learnin’ like my brother Saul, but he did go to U of T while I barely managed my GED. It’s hard – finishing high school while you’re eight months pregnant. Sure, I could’a fit into a graduation gown, but no way in Hell was I gonna waddle my ass across stage so all the two-faced bitches could gawk and whisper.

While others were walking across stage and being handed a roll of paper, I was being handed a beautiful baby girl. When they set her in my arms and the sunlight lit up her sweet, chubby face, I knew I was the luckiest momma alive. That precious angel was mine to cherish, my little Kylie, and damn straight, I was gonna do right by her. Even if I couldn’t do right by no one else.

Even if I couldn’t do right by her father.


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Updates, New Cover and Kindle Unlimited

A few updates today.

Kindle Unlimited
After some debating, discussions with other authors and a conversation with KDP, I’ve agreed to go completely exclusive with Amazon and the Kindle Unlimited / Lending Library for my current titles. This means that all my books can be read for free if you are a member of the KLL / Kindle Prime or Kindle Unlimited program.

New releases will be done at Kindle and All Romance / Omnilit. I will no longer be publishing at Kobo or B&N (for reasons I’d rather not get into). Depending on how this move to Kindle Unlimited goes, I will begin getting in a routine of moving books to the program three months after their publication. They will also be DRM-Free.

This is a marketing trial, and it may blow up in my face, but – Adonae tu. Solukae noyai. There’s no going back. There’s only moving forward. You don’t know until you try.

Pierce The Heart has a new cover!
The old cover used a stock image I loved, but that I had begun seeing all over the place lately. I took it as a sign to change the cover before I publish the book. Here it is:


The publish date for Pierce The Heart is up in the air, because…

I have a new series coming
Yes, my muse is trying to kill me. This new series, Welcome To Alvarado, will be a M/M romance series set in Texas. I’m already 30% done with the first book, but I probably won’t be publishing this until 2015.

Now Available!

Violet Haze – Caleb’s side-story


In Violet Haze, we follow Caleb’s path to emotional self-awareness during the time period surrounding the Mechatronic rights movement. The events begin thirty years prior to the start of the series, and will follow Caleb all the way to his reawakening by Jenadri and Trip in Book 3, Tracing The Stars. His struggles to understand Organic emotions and the fight for equal recognition among Organics collide as he falls in love with Violet and learns of her connection to an underground Mechatronic movement.

Available at:



The street outside Franklin’s shop was vacant, the marketplace a block over nearly just as empty. Eyes followed them as they boarded the bus in silence. One expression held judgmental anger, but most held unexpected compassion. It was clear, from the whispers Organics forgot Mecha were quite capable of hearing, that the citizens of Easton were both appalled and unhappy with the rioters’ actions.

In a daring move, Caleb met one woman’s eyes as he openly took Violet’s hand in his. The woman’s gaze darted to the hands then back up to Caleb’s face as he let the expected wall of indifference fade. His bold statement was awarded by the woman’s smile. The whispers he heard as he left the bus, hand-in-hand with Violet, uplifted his hope that things would improve, despite the horrible actions of a few.

“Caleb,” Violet looked down at their joined hands as they walked. “People are staring.”

“Let them stare.” Caleb no longer cared. “Let them see, Violet. Let them know that it wasn’t just machinesthat were destroyed last night, but living beings with consciousness, emotions and people who cared about them. Let them not forget that it was murder.”

Violet took in a sharp breath, coming to a halt. He stopped with her, afraid he’d gone too far. Her grip tightened around his fingers as her other hand raised to his face. With a swift, graceful movement, she elevated to her tiptoes and kissed his cheek.

As her heels touched pavement again, Caleb felt his feet leave the ground. It was the most incredible sensation he’d experienced so far – beyond the strong heat of anger or the deep well of sorrow. This was something unimaginable. Indescribable. Wonderful.

“I-I…” Violet stammered, her fingers touching her lips. “I don’t know why I did that. It was an automatic response to the pride I felt at the words you spoke, and the way you hold my hand so openly. Is… Is thisaffection?”

Pulling their joined hands to his lips in a gesture he’d seen before, he kissed her fingertips with a smile. “I believe so, yes.”

His gaze dropped to her mouth as her thumb traced his bottom lip. The peck on the cheek wasn’t enough. He wanted more.

Pinning her hand against his chest, he slipped his arm around her back and lifted her upwards. The brilliant purple within her irises glistened in wide-eyed shock, her electronic pupils dilating as he held her close. With a sighing release of air from her core and the most elegant tilt of her head, she offered those lips to him freely, and he took them without a thought concerning the crowd who had gathered to stop and stare as two machines became more than the sum of their parts.

There was nothing mechanical in the nature of that kiss. No script written by the hands of Organics could so eloquently form such a perfect symphony. And, there was music. It filled Caleb’s every process, firing across his synapses in an electrical storm that seemed without end.


New to the series? You can get Book 1, Ghost In The Machine, free! Click Here

Looky Looky – I’m in an awesome Sci-Fi Romance anthology!

I’m so excited! One of my novella series, Celestial Seasons has been included in Nebula Nights, a brand new anthology full of science fiction romance. This anthology is AWESOME! It features eleven Science Fiction Romance stories.

Oh – and it’s only ONE FRIGGAN DOLLAR!!!  These books would cost $25 to buy separately!



Isn’t it pretty?! O_O And, look at those names I’m included with! We’re talking some serious Science Fiction Romance, people! So, dig through your couch cushions or raid your cuss-jar and get reading!